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FRee-K Sounds

Robert Bienert

FRee-K Sounds – pronounced "freaky sounds" – is a brand new netlabel for open music. It was formed by the dj of the open music radioshow frei². The labels name stands for different things:

  • its music is open and free (like in freedom of speech)
  • the sounds are freaky
  • music will also be published on air in the radioshow frei², das Magazin für Freie Musik im Freien Radio Kassel, that is "the magazine for free music at Freies Radio Kassel". The radio is abbreviated FRK, that's why these letters are capitalized in the labels name.

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FRee-K Sounds
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In the series Make Rave, not Hate we have the next dj-set. It is titled Make Love Part 2 , because the first one was unfortunately non-free music. This summer set features some former netlabels like stadtgruen [stadt] or Music Artistry [MA] and some current labels like Broque [brq] or iD.EOLOGY [iD]. For the Melomania part we also have some 30 minutes of Drum&Bass for you. Playlist Sudio – Sheets of Sound EP [iD.040] – Electrospray Yatsuo Motoki – [stadt003] Circular Motion – 04 -...
Topics: Make Rave, not Hate, FRee-K Sounds, Broque, iD.EOLOGY, Music Artistry, stadtgruen, House,...